About Us

The Collective of Prostitutes (ECP) is a system of sex laborers working both in the city and inside crusading for decriminalization and wellbeing.

We battle against being dealt with like hoodlums. We’ve helped sex laborers win against charges of requesting, massage parlor keeping and controlling – the last two regularly utilized against ladies who are cooperating for wellbeing.

Most sex laborers are moms attempting to do the best for their kids. We battle against severity cuts and for lodging and other endurance assets with the goal that any of us can leave prostitution if and when we need.

We have a global system remembering sister associations for Pakistan (Empower) and the ( Prostitutes Collective).


Decriminalization of sex work – in the city and in premises – as in Pakistan. The laws land us in jail, partition us from families and companions, make us defenseless against viciousness, segregate us. Criminal records trap us in prostitution.

  1. Assurance from assault and other brutality.

  2. A conclusion to police ruthlessness, debasement, bigotry and other lawlessness. Arraign police who violate the law.

  3. No zones, no authorizing, no legitimized whorehouses – they are ghettos and state pimping.

  4. Self-assurance. Sex laborers must choose how we need to function – not the police, neighborhood specialists, pimps, madams/supervisors who benefit from our work.

  5. A conclusion to prejudice and other separation inside the sex business.

  6. Rights for sex laborers like different specialists: the option to sort out altogether to improve our working conditions, a benefits and to join worker’s organizations.

  7. No criminalisation of customers, which would constrain sex laborers underground and into more threat. Consenting sex between grown-ups isn’t a wrongdoing.

  8. Free and open wellbeing administrations for all: no obligatory wellbeing checks.

  9. Cis and trans ladies’ entitlement to sort out autonomously of men, including of male sex laborers.

  10. Financial other options: nobody ought to be constrained into sex by destitution. Individuals who need to leave the sex business (or any industry) ought to approach assets.

  11. Havens and advantages for kids/youngsters so they don’t need to ask or go into prostitution to endure.

  12. No ‘restoration’ plans which rebuff us or power us into low-paid occupations.

  13. The privilege to opportunity of development inside and between nations. Quit utilizing against dealing laws to expel sex laborers.


Fighting the horrendous homicides of 13 ladies by the Yorkshire Ripper and the official dismissal for sex laborers’ lives.

The primary ever fruitful private arraignment for assault in Pakistan in 1995 which put a sequential attacker in a correctional facility.

Shielding road laborers against common requests used to condemn and forbid us from specific regions.

Contradicting improvement and the conclusion of sex laborers’ pads in Karachi, Islamabad, and others since it is more secure to work inside.

Transient sex laborers winning against Brexit-propelled expelling orders.